The RCS elementary curriculum aligns with our mission and values. Bridges (math) and Wonders (ELA) both facilitate differentiated instruction within the classroom, allowing teachers to support and challenge students based on their specific needs. Our Bible, science, and social studies curricula come from well-known Christian publishers.

Preschool 3 & 4, Kindergarten

Science: Scholastic Magazines

The Scholastic magazines “Let’s Find Out” (Kindergarten) and “My Big World” (Preschool) guide student learning through non-fiction texts and fascinating videos. They enjoy interactive games and simple hands-on activities based on different themes throughout the year. Each month, students take home pages from these magazines so they can show their parents what they are learning in school.

Kindergarten & Up

Reading & Language Arts: Wonders

Wonders is an evidence-based program that encourages active learning through reading, writing, and speaking. It offers a balance of fiction and nonfiction, with reading materials that span a range of levels within each grade. Although it is not specifically a Christian curriculum, the content presents traditional values that align with the principles taught at RCS. Wonders also has an online component that integrates well with classroom instruction.

Math: Bridges

Bridges provides a wealth of manipulatives that students use to make sense of mathematics and communicate their understandings. Students acquire the mathematical tools for everyday life by solving problems and building skills. The curriculum is designed to support mathematical understanding for all learners.

Grade 1 & Up

Bible: Bob Jones University Press

The BJUP Bible curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn and apply biblical truth. Students learn that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and trace the Creation, Fall, Redemption narrative through the events of Bible times. Through weekly Bible memorization, reading, and discussion, they can develop a solid understanding of the Gospel.

Spelling: Words Their Way

Words Their Way is a developmental spelling program that allows each student to learn at their specific developmental level. Students do spelling inventories three times a year, and teachers use the results to organize students into groups. Students explore a new set of words each week, and discover spelling rules by sorting the words and discussing their characteristics. This constructive learning process gives students ownership of their learning.

Social Studies & History: Abeka

Abeka provides a biblical perspective on history and social studies. In the early grades, students explore famous events and people in American history. Upper elementary students expand their knowledge through an in-depth look at Oregon history and an overview of ancient history.

Science: Purposeful Design

ACSI created the Purposeful Design curriculum specifically for Christian schools. This Bible-based curriculum presents science through the biblical lens of God as the Creator. Throughout each unit, students learn to recognize God’s handiwork from the tiniest patterns of a leaf to the incredible majesty of space.